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Welcome to the United National Appraisal Homepage. United National Appraisal is the foremost residential appraisal provider in Southern California. We are a leading provider of real estate valuations for the lending marketplace. With over 20 years of experience in the real estate & appraisal business, we believe that through consistent quality customer service, we can help reduce your time, efforts, and costs during the appraisal process. Our office in Irvine is centrally located to service 5 Southern Counties including Orange, Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Counties. 


Our firm is a leading provider of Real Estate Appraisals for:

  • Estate Planning
  • Bankruptcy & Foreclosures
  • Primary and Secondary Mortgages
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Employee Relocation
  • Tax Purposes

    With quality training and up to date technology we continue to help our customers reduce their workload. By offering on-line appraisal ordering, coupled with prompt report status updates and electronic delivery of our reports, we are able to eliminate the run around and phone tag hassles associated with this process. And since this process saves us money as well, we can keep our rates competitive with anybody in the industry.


  • Shortest Possible Turn-Around Times
  • Detailed & Meticulous Appraisal Reports
  • Prompt Status Reports
  • Electronic Ordering and Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing

    With our website, you can perform a number of tasks. Ordering an appraisal is just a click of a button away. Take some time to check out some of our news feeds and find out a bit more about the appraisal business. The more you know, the better decision you can make. Remember to check back frequently, as our content is always being updated.

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    1-yr Adj 2.77% 3.44%
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    If you would like Jeff Kerr to visit your office and deliver a brief presentation on "The Pulse Of The Market" from the Appraiser's perspective, during a staff development time or a lunch hour, contact us, we would be happy to include your company in our presentation schedule.
    LA Times = Real Estate News:
    Warren Buffett pulls in $7.5 million for Laguna Beach house he bought in 1971
    10/20/2018 8:00 AM
    The long game has once again paid off for the Oracle of Omaha. Investor Warren Buffett has sold his longtime home in Laguna Beach for $7.47 million. Despite a sizable $3.1-million price chop during the sale process, that’s a hefty return for the billionaire, who paid $150,000 for the property in......Read More
    Stocks end day lower after report Fed weighed more aggressive hike in key interest rate
    10/17/2018 4:10 PM
    After an early slide, U.S. stocks clawed back much of the ground they lost and ended just slightly lower Wednesday. Banks climbed, but retailers, home builders and smaller companies fell. Stocks slumped in morning trading as home builders and retailers took sharp losses after the Commerce Department......Read More
    CBS Television City expected to be sold to Los Angeles investor
    10/15/2018 8:05 PM
    Broadcast giant CBS Corp. has identified Los Angeles real estate investment company Hackman Capital Partners as the buyer for its storied Television City production studios. Hackman Capital has been selected by CBS as the winning bidder in a transaction that could be valued at more than $700 million,......Read More
    Hot Property Newsletter: Matches made in real estate
    10/13/2018 2:05 AM
    Among home sellers and buyers finding common ground this week are some notable players. Swiping right were a soccer great, a film veteran and a “Real Housewives” star. Still casting about for that special someone is a “Dallas” mainstay and a retired NBA all-star. Our Read More
    Real estate titan taps location tracking startup XYO to build blockchain land registry in Mexico
    10/12/2018 1:55 PM
    A local tech startup is partnering with real estate giant Re/Max to figure out how to use blockchain technology for buying and selling property in Mexico. The startup, once called XY Findables but now going by XYO Network, specializes in grabbing location data and storing it on the blockchain.......Read More
    Zsa Zsa Gabor"s glamorous estate among L.A."s priciest home sales in September
    10/12/2018 8:00 AM
    A pair of transactions north of $26 million in Beverly Hills and the sale of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s longtime residence in Bel-Air were among L.A. County’s high-water deals that publicly recorded in September. Here’s a closer look. $27 million — Beverly Hills In the 600 block of North Canon Drive, a limited......Read More
    Mortgage rates rise to a seven-year high
    10/11/2018 3:10 PM
    The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage is nearing 5%, following a surge this week that put borrowing costs at their highest level since 2011, according to Freddie Mac. The sharp increase in mortgage rates — to 4.9% this week, from 4.71% last week and 3.91% a year ago — stems from the same......Read More
    Hot Property: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi flip the home script in Beverly Hills
    10/6/2018 8:00 AM
    After spending much of the last year changing spots in Santa Barbara County, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are turning their attention back to L.A. In recent weeks, the entertainment power couple has bought a Beverly Hills home steeped in Old Hollywood history for $15 million. They’ve also......Read More
    How the right words in listings can boost a home"s sales price
    10/6/2018 7:30 AM
    In real-estate listings, certain words (beautiful, captivating) and features (pizza oven, farmhouse sink) can swing a home’s sale price by thousands of dollars, according to research conducted by the real-estate firm Zillow. Crafting verbiage for a listing is all about making a home seem unique......Read More
    Home title fraud: How it"s done and how to protect yourself
    10/1/2018 6:00 AM
    As an FBI agent through the 1990s, Art Pfizenmayer investigated title theft. But it was rare then. Today, it’s a growing problem. In 2008 when title theft was still uncommon, the FBI posted a notice about this house stealing scam, telling homeowners what to watch out for. A few years later in 2012,......Read More